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The Jack and Alexander Blair Trust
Jack Blair
Alexander Blair

Our industry was deeply saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred in Nova Scotia a few weeks ago and its impact on so many communities in Atlantic Canada.

Castle was heartbroken to learn that our valued members Kurt & Tina Gratto of Masstown Hardware Castle Building Supplies lost their daughter Jamie Blair and her husband Greg Blair in a senseless act of violence.

Jamie & Greg’s young boys, Jack 10 and Alexander 12, managed to escape unharmed and are now in the care of their stepbrother Tyler. The tragic loss of their parents at such a young age is unimaginable and the outpouring of sympathy and support has been nothing short of incredible. The family is very grateful to our industry community during this stressful time, as they grieve their loss and adapt to this new reality.

The offers of support and generosity expressed by our industry is overwhelming and Castle wanted to offer the children a legacy of hope through this terrible tragedy. We have established The Jack and Alexander Blair Trust to offer the children access to funds that will assist in giving them a brighter future. Your contributions will go towards meeting their future needs for cost of living, education, health, as well as extra-curricular activities such as sports and hobbies.

Donations will be held in trust on behalf of Jack & Alexander Blair until they reach the age of majority. Your contributions will help make a difference in Jack & Alexander’s future and we can only hope that they will help ease the burden of their loss in the years to come.

Castle would like to express our sincere gratitude to our industry, community and beyond for the support, compassion and generosity.

The Jack and Alexander Blair Trust