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Calmat Plus Anti-Scale Water Treatment System

Products / Plumbing and Bath / Finished Plumbing / Water Filtratation System

Calmat Plus Anti-Scale Water Treatment System

Manufactured by Calmat

Product Type Water Filtratation System

Castle SKU SII46907

Product UPC 4.26013E+12

Product Model Number 1-6005-000

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Calmat Plus Electronic Anti-Scale and Rust Water Treatment System

Product Description

Description & Features

Calmat Plus is designed for commercial or residential applications when it is required a higher maximum water flow capacity up to 15 m³/h ~ 66 US GPM and up to 3” pipes. Calmat Plus is a unique alternative to water softeners that solves hard water problems without using chemicals or salt. It works totally maintenance-free and is very simple to install, no tools or plumbing are needed. It is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust. Calmat prolongs the lifespan of household appliances. 
Calmat’s exclusive electric impulse technology is based on the principle of physical water treatment; changing the crystallization process of the liquid calcium and this way the hard scale loses its adhesive power. Calmat works independently from the water velocity, unlike other systems that use magnetic fields.Maximum water flow capacity: 15 m³/h ~ 66 US gpm. Maximum pipe diameter: 3” ~ 76 mm. Included 4 impulse cables x 5m 
Calmat has successfully treated cases with a water hardness of 1000 ppm (~ 59 gpg) or more
Quality Made in Germany since 1948. Sold in over 50 Countries Worldwide
High efficiency for your heating and hot water system and very low electricity consumption 4.3W 
Retains important minerals in the water
Water pressure will be restored. Faster cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms 
Typical findings are that shampoo and soap lather more, the hair feels softer.


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