S Boudrias Horticole Inc

S Boudrias Horticole Inc

S Boudrias Horticole Inc

As a leader in the Canadian horticulture industry with over 40 years of continuous evolution and innovation, B Horticulture proudly extends its products to the USA. As specialized manufacturers, we are dedicated to producing quality substrates and amendments specifically designed for large-scale horticultural retailers, garden centers, and nurseries. Our extensive and diverse product range encompasses potting soils, composts, peat moss, and 100% pure cedar mulches, as well as a variety of decorative stones, building stones, and sand, catering to a wide array of horticultural needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Our objectives are always the same: to listen to the needs of our customers, offer innovative products at the best price, simplify supply, but above all, to become real partners.
INNOVATING ---------------  SINCE  1983

Our key points.

• 400 acres of harvesting fields

• 3 automated factories, including one newly built in Ontario

• 9 automated production lines

• Annual production capacity of 52 million bags of earth and 12 million bags of stones and sand

• 225 bags bagged per minute

• 4 million sq. ft. of warehouse space

• Distributed in + 1000 points of sale in Canada

• Delivery in 48 hours