Progressive Foam Technologies Inc.

Progressive Foam Technologies Inc.

Progressive Foam Technologies Inc.


Canadian Partnership

Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. (PFT) is a proud and successful manufacturing partner of The Logix Group, providing Halo Insulation in select United States markets. PFT is excited to expand its capabilities and service area to now include the areas in Canada.


PFT Background

Progressive Foam is spearheaded by third-generation leader Jason Culpepper, President and CEO.

The Culpepper Family has been an active leader in the foam manufacturing business since the 1970’s. With a natural affinity for product innovation, three (3) different generations have pushed the envelope of foam-manufacturing technologies to find THE RIGHT WAY of insulating homes using particle foams.

In 1992, Pat Culpepper started Progressive Foam Technologies, with a plan to change the way wall insulation was executed in North America, creating products that made Insulation more appealing to homeowners, more profitable for retail dealers and wholesale distributors, and more job-site friendly for installers.


Remodeling Sector - Our Roots

PFT’s first area of focus was the remodeling industry, as the existing housing stock is a MAJOR source of wasted energy. The walls of old homes are alarmingly under-insulated compared to current building code standards, and the best time to update a home’s wall insulation is when a homeowner updates their siding.

Progressive Foam invented many different forms of Insulated Siding, and innovated new manufacturing processes, to deliver several award-winning products to the marketplace.  A key game-changer was Insulated Vinyl Siding (IVS) - a one-piece, laminated panel combining premium vinyl siding with foam-backed insulation.

PFT understands how important great partners are to maximizing organizational impact. From the beginning we have placed a focus on delighting our Home Improvement Contractors by working closely with the top Vinyl Siding manufacturing companies to develop and distribute the best products at the lowest cost.

With a ‘partnership/customer-delight’ mindset, dozens of patents, and inventive equipment, PFT developed long-standing partnerships with every major vinyl siding manufacturer in the United States and Canada.

And after nearly 30 years, the exterior remodeling market knows us well; nearly every top home improvement contractor on Qualified Remodeler’s top 200 list is connected to PFT.

PFT insulation products are installed on well over 1,000,000 homes, as we continue to expand our product offering every year to better serve homeowners, contractors, manufacturers, and distributors.


New Construction - Growth Fuels Growth

In 2012, Progressive Foam committed to becoming the best manufacturer of foam sheathing and fan-fold underlayment products and has grown exponentially in those markets every year since; this expansion strengthened our position in remodeling and also opened doors in new construction.

It became obvious very quickly, that to better delight our builder and lumber-dealer customers, we would need to be more regionally located, so we partnered with the Logix Group manufacturing companies to deliver Halo Advanced Graphite Insulation to the new construction market.

The Logix Group manufacturing companies (including Progressive Foam) have partnered to deliver incredible value to all customers, by delivering that insulation from nine (9) different, regional manufacturing locations. 

The Halo and Chrome product lines deliver the BEST and most comprehensive insulation solutions for any builder or contractor seeking maximum performance in new construction wall assemblies and foundations.

With a constant drive towards innovation, PFT and its OEM siding partners have launched a new category of laminated, one-piece insulated siding specifically created for the new construction market.

Additional new products designed for foundation applications are also in development and field testing, as the new construction sector is a core growth area for PFT now and for years to come.


Our Team is Your Team

Currently led by the 3rd-generation of the Culpepper family, Jason Culpepper, Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc. is confident in its history, scale, track-record, innovation, product lines, focus, and customer-delight mindset, to bring you the best value in foam insulation, no matter what part of the construction or remodeling  channel you work in.

Let us know how we can help you find a better way to serve your customer base today.




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