ORS Canada

ORS Canada

ORS Canada

Let ORS take the stress out of supplier management:

ORS is a 100% Pure Wholesaler in Canada, partnering exclusively through distributors. ORS has been a trusted wholesaler in Canada for over 40 years, and we pride ourselves on simplifying the buying process, competitive pricing, speed of execution and years of success earning building relationships and a trusted reputation.

We offer over 150,000 SKU's of premium products from more than 250 brands, for use in the construction, industrial, welding, safety, energy, electrical, janitorial, and rental equipment markets. We serve our rapidly growing distributor customers with warehouses strategically located in Eastern and Western Canada serving all provinces and territories.

ORS investments in our new web platform will allow Castle stores across the county easily process orders, see stock availability, track shipments, and communicate with your ORS sales reps.

ORS offers Castle members a one stop shop for thousands of products.

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