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Isolofoam Group

Isolofoam Group

About Isolofoam Group

For more than 40 years, Isolofoam Group has been manufacturing value-added rigid expanded polystyrene insulation panels for different applications: building envelope, above grade walls, foundations, under slab, etc.

Its solution portfolio helps DIY homeowners, homebuilders, contractors, remodelers and architects to optimize, yet simplify insulation work by exploiting the intrinsic qualities of expanded polystyrene.

The distinctive and efficient products of Isolofoam Group meet the highest standards of quality in the industry, thanks to ongoing research for new insulation solutions, driven by the will to meet your needs and simplify your projects.

Isolofoam Group solutions are designed to help you achieve the Building Code insulation requirements, to be easy and fast to install and to help you manage your project on a budget.

When it comes to insulation. Find the most efficient!

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