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How to Create a Shiplap Feature Wall in Just a Weekend

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Difficulty: Experienced

How to Create a Shiplap Feature Wall in Just a Weekend

Metrie Complete® Pre-Painted Shiplap is the perfect product to help you transform a room in just one weekend. The shiplap boards are already primed and painted a Polar-White color, perfect for any decor scheme. Thereʼs no paint prep, or paint to clean up—just install and youʼre done!


step 1

Using a STUD FINDER, locate the studs along the wall and mark them with a pencil. Then, use a LEVEL to draw a vertical line following the studs up the desired installation wall.


step 2

Use an exacto knife and run along top of baseboard to sever existing caulking from wall.


step 3

Use crowbar or equivalent tool to pry baseboard from wall. Pry from location of the studs to not damage drywall too much. Remove adjoining baseboard using same method as above On adjoining walls – mark studs with a dot using a pencil (erase when project is finished).


step 4

Place the first board on the floor. Use LEVEL to ensure it is straight


step 5

Using a Nail Gun (18 or 23 gauge), nail product to wall on the studs (using the marked lines from step 1). Repeat the process until this step is finished.


step 6

Make cuts where necessary using a COMPOUND MITRE SAW. PRO TIP: for limited seams on a feature wall, when cutting a board to adjoin it along the same line, cut it at a 45-degree mitre with the angle facing away from the predominant viewing location.


step 7

Use the color matched METRIE COMPLETE® WAX STICK or PUTTY JAR to fill all nail holes. Ensure the wax stick is slightly warm and the tip is clean when using, and ensure fingers are clean if using the putty jar.


step 8

Use the ABRASION PAD to smooth all areas you filled.


step 9

Use the color matched METRIE COMPLETE® CAULKING (caulking gun required) to fill any gaps along the adjoining walls (where the product meets the wall). Run clean finger down the bead of caulking to smooth out the caulking.