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Contractor Advantage Magazine

Contractor Advantage is Canada's magazine for professional Contractors. From 'how-to' features created to ensure a seamless and smooth renovation, to design and market trends as well as relevant information on business best practices.


September / October 2019

Distributed September 01, 2019


Open the Door on a Fresh Style; Mouldings: Adding a Sense of Zen Through Small (and Big) Details; Luxury Vinyl Flooring — A Twist on an Old Classic;

July / August 2019

Distributed July 01, 2019


What’s Trending in Fences and Railings; The Concrete Opportunities Waiting Out Back; Decking 2019 Title Match: Composite vs Wood

May / June 2019

Distributed May 01, 2019


Garage Envy; Designing the 5th Wall; Cool Tools 2019

March / April 2019

Distributed March 01, 2019


The Modern Well-Dressed Home, A Window of a Different Colour, Another Door Opens

January / February 2019

Distributed January 01, 2019


What’s in Store for Lumber in 2019?, New Year, New Home: Reno Trends for 2019, The Winter Season: A Time to Check in on Health and Wellbeing


November / December 2018

Distributed November 01, 2018


Insulation: Keeping the hot side hot and the cool side cool, Swap Out to Save, Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

September / October 2018

Distributed September 01, 2018


Interior Doors, by Design, Leave Them Floored, Keeping Cozy

July / August 2018

Distributed July 01, 2018


Concrete Plans, Take it Outside!, Outside Opportunities

May / June 2018

Distributed May 01, 2018


Open Up to Garage Door Trends, Cool Tool Guide, Gypsum Innovations

March/April 2018

Distributed March 01, 2018


Put on a Bold Face, Getting a Handle on What's New, Window(And Door) on the Future

January/February 2018

Distributed January 01, 2018


Insulation Updates, The Latest in Lumber, Renovation Trends to Watch in 2018


November/December 2017

Distributed November 01, 2017


Energy Efficiency: The Future is Now, Jobsite Safety: Changes and Growth

September/October 2017

Distributed September 01, 2017


Cool Tools, Grooming the Garage, Top-Notch Ceilings

July/August 2017

Distributed July 01, 2017


Doors, What Consumers Want, What's New in Roofing & Siding

May/June 2017

Distributed May 01, 2017


Concrete Jungle, Backyard & Beyond, Paints,Stains & Decks for Today

March/April 2017

Distributed March 01, 2017


Interior Doors Trends, Flooring the Consumer, The Magic of Moulding

January/February 2017

Distributed January 01, 2017


Home Renos, Coast to Coast , Residential Insulation , Canadian Lumber Update 2017


November/December 2016

Distributed November 01, 2016


Great Garages , Walls that Perform , Home, Smart Home

September/October 2016

Distributed September 01, 2016


7 Flooring Trends You Need to Know , The Heart & Hub of the Home , A Stairway to Profits

July/August 2016

Distributed July 01, 2016


Composite Decking & Railing for the Win!, On the Waterfront, Siding Takes Centre Stage

May/June 2016

Distributed May 01, 2016


Doorway By Design , Raising the Roof , Move In Ready; The burgeoning trend of RTMs

March/April 2016

Distributed March 01, 2016


More Than Just Glass , Strokes of Genius , Cool Tool Review

January/February 2016

Distributed January 01, 2016


Lumber Market Forecast , Ceilings with Style , Insulation Innovations


November/December 2015

Distributed November 01, 2015


Why customer service matters , Deciphering the code , Moulding magic , Smart ideas , Shut the window on energy waste , In the bag

September/October 2015

Distributed September 01, 2015


A safe workplace is no accident , Picture perfect , Open doors , Floored by history , The 2,00-year-old product , A strong finish

July/August 2015

Distributed July 01, 2015


An app for that , Tax facts , Sizing up bathroom renos , Clever cladding , Smart kitchens , Shaking up the foundation

May/June 2015

Distributed May 01, 2015


Business Builders, Windows & The Comfort Factor , Smart Lock Wisdom , Cottage Builds , A Brush With Genius , Rooftop Innovation

March/April 2015

Distributed March 01, 2015


Big tax savings, Field Work , Can you dig it? , Extending the deck and patio season , Stacking up , The Rising Fence

January/February 2015

Distributed January 01, 2015


Perfecting expansion , Advanced ceilings , Counter point , Insulation evolution , Engineered for strength , LEED v4: new version, new rules


November/December 2014

Distributed November 01, 2014


Building bathrooms with wow , Curing paint paralysis , Sticks and stones , Group dynamics , Moulding makeover made perfect , Gypsum innovations

September/October 2014

Distributed September 01, 2014


Face the financial facts , Garage transformations , Nailing basement renos , Electronic estates , Alternative energy options , Open the envelope

July/August 2014

Distributed July 01, 2014


Dot commerce , Going for the combo , Gobig and stay home , Colour options , Siding discussion , ICF opportunities

May/June 2014

Distributed May 01, 2014


Fatal mistakes, Steel-toe boots , Emergency preparedness , Skill upgrades , Elements of style , Is the glass always Greener , Roof lines

March/April 2014

Distributed March 01, 2014


By the numbers , All-season splendour , External paint primer , Added Strength, straighter lengths , Fifth wall décor , Tap into water and energy efficiency

January/February 2014

Distributed January 01, 2014


Generation Next , Kitchen change , Your new entry code , Lay it again, Sam , Lumber innovations , The air up there


November/December 2013

Distributed November 01, 2013


Climate control, Perfect cabinetry, The perfect finishing touch, Bathroom Bonanza, Interior paint tips, Competitive pressure

September/October 2013

Distributed September 01, 2013


Greener roofs, Smarter homes, Legal matters, Tool talk, The sky's the limit, ICF opportunities, Gypsum journey

July/August 2013

Distributed July 01, 2013


Cost-effective beauty, Anchors away, Cottage builds, Superioir exteriors, Raising the roof, Solid foundations

May/June 2013

Distributed May 01, 2013


Workers wanted, Gone green, Growing opportunities, More on the floor, Up & open, Going to great lengths

March/April 2013

Distributed March 01, 2013


The paper chase, Fuel for thought, The true colour of green , Countertop contenders, Cave dwellers, Innovation & insulation

January/February 2013

Distributed January 01, 2013


A loyal following , Building Kitchens that cook , Opportunity Knocks, A cut above, greening of the products, Sealed tight


November/December 2012

Distributed November 01, 2012


Training Days, Follow the LEEDers, Greener Walls, Engineered for results, Become an energy star, The inside scoop

September/October 2012

Distributed September 01, 2012


Net Worth, The View From Inside, Making moulding magic, Burning Issues, Get more from the floor, Greening the Basement

July/August 2012

Distributed July 01, 2012


Deduction Details, Here Comes the Sun, Kitchen Fixing, Side By Side, Foundations In A Snap, Diving Into Shallow Foundations

May/June 2012

Distributed May 01, 2012


Bigger and Better, Dock Talk, Cool Colours, The Right Tools for the Paint Job, Grand Openings, Working with Pressure

March/April 2012

Distributed March 01, 2012


Dollars and Sense, Countertop options, Quality Over Opulence, The Natural Look, Fencing Factoids, Pro Picks, Tips and Bits

January/February 2012

Distributed January 01, 2012


Green Growth, Lumber Outlook 2012, Crowning Glory, Trim Trends, Gypsum Innovations, Does This Job Leave You Baffled?


November/December 2011

Distributed November 01, 2011


Get Your Tax Toolbox Ready, Unlocking Profit From Interior Doors, Looking Up, Master The Mouldings, Expert Panels, Will LEED Lead The Way In 2012?

September/October 2011

Distributed September 01, 2011


Workforce Struggles, On The Surface, Shining a Light On Solar Power, Window Installation Tips, Coded For Success, The Hard(wood) Facts

July/August 2011

Distributed July 01, 2011


Beyond Safety, The Ins and Outs Of Doors, A Power Tool Guide, Engineer Strong, Siding Fundamentals, Raise the Roof

May/June 2011

Distributed May 01, 2011


Working woth others, Getting more from the garage, Paints of a different colour, Outside activity, Sealing the deal, A foundation of energy savings

March/April 2011

Distributed March 01, 2011


Software deliveries, Fencing outside the box, Bathroom alterations, Green guidance, Pressure treated, Hang-ups and hook-ups

January/February 2011

Distributed January 01, 2011


Accounting for success, Kitchen communications, Green shoots, Wood works, The skinny on trim, The low down on countertop care


November/December 2010

Distributed November 01, 2010


ABC's of alternative energies, Moulding savings, By the books, Door fortunes, Ceilings worth looking up to, Sub-floor selections

September/October 2010

Distributed September 01, 2010


Viewing value, Insulation directive, LEEDing the way, Dipping into grey water, Handling hazardous waste, Business growth

July/August 2010

Distributed July 01, 2010


Raise the roof, Making millwork work, Counter Intelligence, Bathroom Builds on a budget, Entry doors, Power up

May/June 2010

Distributed May 01, 2010


The colours of money, Gazebos: Building outside the box, Form fitting, Panel Preferences, Maximazing the space, How safe is your work site?

March/April 2010

Distributed March 01, 2010


Iron age fencing, Deck demands, Better boards, PT myth busting, Going the eco way, An air clearing tutorial

January/February 2010

Distributed January 01, 2010


Smart home automation, Brushing up on interior paint, Basement basics, Garage makeovers, A recession-proof business, Fighting the beetle and the damage done