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Castle is Pleased to Announce the Official Winners of the 2022 Home Sweet Home Contest!

Castle is pleased to announce the official winners of the 2022 Home Sweet Home Contest! Each lucky winner recieved $10,000 redeemable in products/services at the winning Castle location.

The Western Canada prize was awarded to Laura Patterson of Edmonton, AB, who filled in a ballot at Ruhr Valley Lumber in Thorsby, AB.

In the Central region, Chris Brandsma of White Lake, ON was excited to claim his 10K prize at Burnstown Building Supply in Burnstown, ON.

Renee Cormier of Traytown, NL, was the lucky Atlantic region winner, who accepted her prize at East-Glo Castle Building Supplies in Gloverton, NL.

Congratulations to all winners and winning Castle locations! Stay tuned for our exciting 60th Anniversary In-Store Contest coming in 2023!