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Posted November 28, 2018

Assistant Store Manager

Hook’s Building Centre - Cloyne, Ontario K0H 1K0

Job Description

The assistant manager is generally responsible for assisting with the day-to-day operations of the store as assigned by the owner or manager. These duties commonly include supervision of personnel, serving as manager in his/her absence; helping to meet sales and financial objectives, including advertising and promotions planning; working on special projects; supervising inventory, merchandising, pricing and facilitating communications between management and employees. The assistant manager performs all assigned tasks with sufficient speed and accuracy to avoid adverse impact on the level of service to customers.

Reports directly to store manager.


  • Provide guidance and supervision for store Staff Members as directed by the store manager and store owner.
  • Assist store manager with staff meetings and training.
  • Serve as manager in manager’s absence.
  • Hire or suggest the hiring of new full or part-time sales personnel within assigned department(s).
  • Advise store manager well in advance of need for increase or reduction in sales personnel.
  • Establish work schedules of full or part-time personnel.
  • Ensure that store fixtures, POS system, trucks and other equipment are in proper condition to meet the store’s operational needs.
  • Make suggestions to store manager when equipment requires replacement.
  • Identify current or foreseen operating situations and inform store manager in a timely manner to facilitate a solution.
  • Suggest rule or policy changes to store manager when you think such changes would improve efficiency, moral, operations, profits, sales, etc.
  • Be a positive role model by following company procedures.
  • Attend shows and markets as directed by the store manager.
  • Develop promotions to build store traffic.
  • Ensure that the sales floor and sales staff are ready for all promotions.
  • Understand and use merchandising techniques that produce the highest possible level of sales.
  • Ensure that end-caps and feature displays are properly merchandised, maintained and changed on a timely basis.
  • Be able to quote building materials for customer’s projects.
  • Facilitate and maintain communication between employees and store manager and owners.
  • Be responsive to employees who have questions and/ or comments about their job responsibilities.
  • Encourage employees to share their ideas and suggestions.
  • Resolve employee complaints and problems.
  • Take appropriate disciplinary action(s) when employees are guilty of violating company rules and/ or policies.
  • Act in a timely manner when taking disciplinary action or acknowledging positive behavior by employees; maintain records of such actions.
  • Greet and assist customers on the sales floor.
  • Be aware of shoplifting and take action, consistent with company policy, to discourage it.
  • Maintain good customer service through your presence on the sales floor by making effective use of your knowledge of products, projects and services. Set a good example for other employees through your ability and desire to assist customers and to maximize sales.
  • Resolve customer claims and/ or complaints in a manner that is timely, courteous, and discreet.
  • Authorize credit limits, acceptance of cheques, etc. in a manner consistent with company policy.
  • In the absence of the store manager, exercise sound judgment in the event that a departure from store policy may be required.
  • Understand the POS system and procedures related to purchases.
  • Work on additional duties and assignments as assigned by management.
  • Work in a safe manner in accordance to provincial and federal safety legislation, as well as use of good common sense. Report any potential hazards and unsafe behavior to management in order to have the situation corrected.


  • Ability to lead.
  • Ability to work cooperatively in a team atmosphere.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule including weekends, evenings and holidays.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • High school graduation or equivalent.
  • Excellent mathematical skills.
  • 2-3 years of prior hardware/ lumber retail experience.
  • Excellent computer skills with extensive knowledge of EXCEL.
  • Good understanding of “retail best practices”.
  • Willingness to continually develop professional skills and knowledge base.

How to Apply

Send your resume to

Call (613) 336-8416 for any questions.